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PHP / Misc. Working with Arrays
      PHP offers a comprehensive range of array functions that allow the budding developer to manipulate their arrays in ways that in other languages would be more cumbersome. This tutorial is primarily aimed at those who are new to PHP although it is hoped that some more experienced programmers may find some of the information in the Useful Operations section interesting as well.
torrent Apr 17, 2002 4793
PHP / Databases A Simple Connection to Mysql
      A very simple way to connect to Mysql database and retrieve the information and display it on screen.
snippet Apr 16, 2002 1829
PHP / Navigation Next - Previous Links
      Have a lot to display? only want to display 10 or 15 items per page. Here we will help on how to do it.
snippet May 12, 2002 1433
Javascript / Forms Passing Variables the Javascript Way
      Ever wondered how webmasters pass variables from one page to the next and don't use any serverside language, cgi, asp, or php?
snippet Jul 10, 2002 1046
PHP / Misc. Loops Gone Wild
      This will show you the various ways on how to loop in php.
snippet May 12, 2004 146
PHP / Navigation Alphabetic Links
      Ever wonder how to make it so you can query your database depending on a
letter or character? This tutorial will explain just how to do that.
snippet Mar 01, 2004 128

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