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Added: Feb 27, 2002
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This little script will read a file that has information in it like this:


And it will display it on the screen as such.
If you want to print out a certain line you would just change the $i to a number and add it to $fileread[1] and that will print out the certain line.



echo "<html>
// opens the file to read
$fileread = file("file.txt");
// counts all the lines in the file
$arrlen = count($fileread);
//basic loop to print out to the screen according to the
for($i = 0; $i < $arrlen; $i++)
//prints out the whole list.
// if you want jsut a certain line, comment this one out.
// this line will print out the second line in the file
//remember that 0 is the first line of the file.
echo $fileread[1];


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