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Added: Dec 30, 2001
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loops thru mysql database email address and sends mail to each one. Also shows teh result to whom the mail was sent.



// set up a message
$subject = "your subject";
$msg = "I'm looping mail!";
$headers = "From: me@mycompany.comnReply-To:";
// connect to the database and collect addresses
$db = @mysql_connect("yourhost", "use\r\name", "password");
@mysql_select_db("yourdb", $db);
$sql = "select emailaddress from addresstable";
$res = @mysql_query($sql) Or die("Couldn't get addresses.");
// loop through the result set and send mail
While ($email_row = @mysql_fetch_array($res)) {
// get the recipient address
$To = $email_row['emailaddress'];
//send the mail
mail("$to", "$subject", "$msg", "$headers");
//print a confirmation to the screen
echo "mail sent to $to <br>";

//To set a time limit within a script, you use the set_time_limit() //function. You can specify the limit, such as 60 seconds
//, or you can allow it to run until it's absolutely done

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