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Added: Jan 12, 2006
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this small code will replace hard break \n or \r to <br> so it shows up properly in the html document that is displayed.

nl2br doesn't always work if you submit html in a textarea.



//replaces r or n with <br>

$something = str_replace("\r\n|r|n", "<br>", $something)

Subject: nl2br
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Comment By: Rob Geerts on 12th of January 2006 10:20 AM

pffff why not use:
$something = nl2br($something);

Subject: Re: nl2br
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Comment By: snippet on 12th of January 2006 05:12 PM


there are some reasons why you can't use that. mainly if the webmaster has it set to submit html tags and such in a textarea the nl2br will not work correctly. So you have to follow that snippet of code.

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