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ID: 531
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Added: Dec 05, 2004
Version: - unknown
Snippet uploaded by: amsheppard
Written By: - unknown -
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everyone remember <BLINK>? here's a better way.

<script language="javascript">
var color10 = 16711680;
var hexco10 = '';
var interval10 = 257 * 4;
function fr10() {
if ((color10 + (interval10)) > 16777215) { interval10 *= -1; }
if ((color10 + (interval10)) < 16711680) { interval10 *= -1; }
color10+= interval10;
hexco10 = color10.toString(16);
hexco10 = "#" + ("000000").substring(0,6 - hexco10.length) + hexco10; = hexco10;


 <span id="b10">Critical Info:</span>

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