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Added: Sep 25, 2002
Version: 1
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Written By: kdjoergensen
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This little sciprt makes it so you can have the user select which currency is appropriate for their country.

very easy to setup and run.

Browsers: IE5+

// can go in between the body tags also

<script language="javascript">

// the set function will populate the select element when called
function set(curr,form){

// two arrays are created: one for USD and one for EUR. The first
//line is for text (what is visible to the user0 the 2nd line is the
//value component */

var rangeUSD = {
txt : ["choose US Computer","<$2000","$2001-$5000",">$5000"],
val : ["#", "lowD","mediumD","highD"]

var rangeEUR = {
txt : ["choose Eur Computer", "<e1800","e1801-e4000",">e4000","e2002"],
val : ["#", "lowE","mediumE","highE","specialE"]

// get ready to make our selection
var useCurrency = new Array();

// if the selected radio element (captured in the variable "curr")
// has a value of "usd" then we set our useCurrency array equal to
// the rangeUSD array defined above. Otherwise use the rangeEur array.

if (curr.value == "usd"){ // usd chosen
useCurrency = rangeUSD;
} else if (curr.value == "eur"){ // eur chosen
useCurrency = rangeEUR;
} else {
alert('Something went wrong');
return false;

// how many options exists for our chosen currency (may vary)
var numberOfItems = useCurrency['txt'].length;

// lets create an object reference to the select element
// which we have named pricerange (see the html part)

var selObj = form.pricerange;

// deletes existing options which may show in the select element
for (var i=0;i< selObj.options.length; i++){
selObj.options[i].text = "";
selObj.options[i].value = "";

// we loop through each number of options to be added to the select
// element and populate it with the corresponding data in our chosen
// array

for (var i=0;i< numberOfItems ;i++){
// if option does not exist alredy we create one
selObj.options[i] = new Option();
selObj.options[i].text = useCurrency['txt'][i];
selObj.options[i].value = useCurrency['val'][i];

// we set the cheapest model as our pre-selected option
selObj.options[0].selected = true;


// this function simply navigates to another page when
// user choose a specific price range. You can do anything
// you want instead (this is just an example)

function navigate(selElm){

// get value of the selected option
var sel = selElm.options[selElm.selectedIndex].value;

//do not proceed if value is still '#" (our saftey valve)
if (sel == "#") {
return false;
} else {
window.location.href = sel+".html";




 <form name="money">
Select Currency:

<!-- if the user selects 'usd' then we call set with a reference to 'this' element -->
USD <input type="radio" name="currency" value="usd" onclick="set(this, this.form)">

<!-- if the user selects 'eur' then we call set with a reference to 'this' element -->
EUR <input type="radio" name="currency" value="eur" onclick="set(this, this.form)">

<!-- here our select element start. we have given it a name 'pricerange' -->
Select Price Range:

<!-- the onselect eventhandler will call the navigate function when the user selects an option -->
<select name="pricerange" onchange="navigate(this)">
<option value="#">Please select currency first</option>


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