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Added: Aug 19, 2002
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sending messages to another computer over network.

As i said before... three textboxes, two command buttons and a winsock control.
Text1 is for the IP address so it doesn't have to be very long, Command1 is to connect with, so put it next to Text1.
Then Text2 is the main box that shows what has been said so it must be quite big.Then obviously Text3 is for what is going to be sent and the command button is used to send the message.

I think that's it, now all you need is two computers

I forgot two things, 1) Make sure the winsock protocol is set to TCP\IP.
2) incase you didn't know, You must type the IPAddress of the computer you want to send the msgs to in text1 then press connect

also command1.caption=Connect and command2.caption=send

hope it works

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Private Sub form_load() 

End Sub

Private Sub Command1_Click()
Winsock1.connect (Text1.Text, "85")
Command1.enabled=False 'just so you don't try to connect again, which result in an error.

End Sub

Private Sub Text2_GotFocus()
Text1.SetFocus 'so u can't edit what being said

End Sub

Private Sub Winsock_ConnectionRequest(requestID As umm?)

Private Sub Winsock_DataArrival()
Dim strData ' a variable to hold the incoming msg
winsock1.getdata strdata
Text2.seltext=strdata & vbCrLf 'The vbCrlf just puts the msg on a new line.

End Sub

winsock1.send (Text3.Text) 'I'm not sure if it's Send or SendData, but don't worry there's only one so just put it there.
Text2.seltext=Text3.Text & vbCrLf
End Sub

form_unload event()

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