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Added: Jul 26, 2002
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Using the Sleep API call pauses your entire application. It pauses EVERYTHING in your entire application. This means that if you have something like this:

Label1.Visible = True
Sleep 1000
Label1.Forecolor = RGB(255,0,128)
Sleep 1000
You'd think Label1 would appear, wait one second, and then turn purple, right? Wrong. All you'd see is nothing for a delay of two seconds, and then LAbel1 would pop up, both visible and purple. Y'see, Label1 would become visible as far as the code is concerened, but not on the screen. The Sleep call jumps right in there and pauses everything without waiting for a screen refresh. That's what the DoEvents is for. It doesn't make the Sleep call any more accurate, but it makes the results visible. Thus:

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Label1.Visible = True
Sleep 1000
Label1.Forecolor = RGB(255,0,128)
Sleep 1000
'This would give you the desired result, Label1 appearing, 'waiting one second, and turning purple.

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