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Added: Jul 26, 2002
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Now, for more accurate delays that don't meddle with the operation of your program, you can use GetTickCount. GetTickCount is a call that returns an insanely large number that is the exact number of milliseconds that Windows has been running since it was booted. The GetTickCount API declaration goes like this: see code

Second Part:
Now, to actually make a delay, you need to do a little fancy footwork. You'll need two varibles. One should be a global (so it will remain if the subroutine happens to end) called something like "GlobalDelay". The second is just a temporary variable and can be called "Temp" or something. Also, you'll have to set GlobalDelay to the current tick count at the beginning of your program like this:

You can tack other things inside the loop to repeat during the delay (screen refreshes, mayhap?) or yo can put things below it and constantly loop back to the top of the procedure, which gives you the delay, executes the code after it, gives the delay, executes the code, &c.

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Declare Function GetTickCount Lib "kernel32" () As Long
'Operation is dead simple, you just drop it into a 'variable:

Variable = GetTickCount

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'Second part
Sub Form_Load()
GlobalDelay = GetTickCount
End Sub
'Now, for a delay of a set amount, it would work like this:

Temp = GetTickCount 'Get the current tick count into Temp.
Do While Temp < GlobalDelay + 1000 'Compare Temp to GlobalDelay. You can change the 1000 there to anything you want.
DoEvents 'Keeps it from meddling with program operation.
GLobalDelay = Temp 'Sets up GlobalDelay for next time.

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