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Here you will find Tutorials on various languages
to help you on your way to becoming a better programmer.

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Storing Hierarchical Data in a Database
      Whether you want to build your own forum, publish the messages from a mailing list on your Website, or write your own cms: there will be a moment that you’ll want to store hierarchical data in a database. And, unless you’re using a XML-like database, tables aren’t hierarchical; they’re just a flat list. You’ll have to find a way to translate the hierarchy in a flat file.
Build your own Database Driven Website using PHP & MySQL
      This is it -- the stuff you signed up for! In this chapter, you'll learn how to take information stored in a database and display it on a Web page for all to see.
A Simple Connection to Mysql
      A very simple way to connect to Mysql database and retrieve the information and display it on screen.
MySQL Manual
      look at it all in one page or chapter by chapter.
Mysql Sorting
      learn how to sort rows in order or descending order.
ODBC Connection
      Using MyODBC to Connect to a Remote Database
PHP/MySQL Tutorial
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