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Incoming Mail and PHP
      We all know how to send email from PHP. Actually, it's quite easy: Handling mail the other way, sending email to PHP is a task much more unknown. In this article, we will write and install a script that we can send an email to.
Verify a User's Email Address Using PHP
      One way to help address this problem is to make sure that a user's email address actually corresponds to a real email domain. Using PHP, you can check the domain registration records to see if the domain a user submitted to your site is real.
Building A PHP-Based Mail Client
      Ever wondered how Web-based mail clients work, or what happens to your email after you hit the "Send" button? This three-part case study delves into the wild and wacky world of Web-based email applications, using PHP's built-in POP3 functions to build an email client suitable for rerieving POP3 email via a Web browser.
Sending Form Data in E-Mail
      Using PHP to send the contents of a form to a specified e-mail address is so easy that you'll wonder why people don't do it every day.
Sending Mail Using Flash 4+ and PHP
      In this first tutorial in a series focusing on Flash/PHP interaction, the goal is for you to become familiar with the most basic of concepts: text field names and how those variables are passed to the script.
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