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Welcome to the Tutorials Page.
Here you will find Tutorials on various languages
to help you on your way to becoming a better programmer.

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Turn CSS on and off
      This useful bit of code enables you to have links on your page which will let the user turn off your stylesheet. This will mean the user will see your page without any CSS formatting whatsoever. The CSS can also be turned back on.
Stylesheet Switcher
      Want to allow a user to choose any colour scheme they want for your site?

Well, if you use this little script you can. The user will be able to choose any colour scheme they want, the only limitation is how many your willing to make!
Loops Gone Wild
      This will show you the various ways on how to loop in php.
PHP Coding Standard
      Bet you didn't know there was a standard on how to code in php, did ya? well thre is and it is the PEAR coding standard. very informative and I think you should read it.
Working with Arrays
      PHP offers a comprehensive range of array functions that allow the budding developer to manipulate their arrays in ways that in other languages would be more cumbersome. This tutorial is primarily aimed at those who are new to PHP although it is hoped that some more experienced programmers may find some of the information in the Useful Operations section interesting as well.
Using PHP from the command line
      The command line options of the PHP executable are useful if you would like to debug or test your PHP setup, but they can also be handy, if you would like to use PHP for a different purpose than web scripting.
Time Manipulation
      Like most programming languages, PHP comes with a fairly full-featured API for date and time value manipulation. You've probably used it in your applications, but never bothered to look too closely at it. Well, here's your chance to rectify that mistake - this article delves into the date/time API in depth, uncovering some hidden nuggets and demonstrating how it can be used to simplify date and time processing in your PHP scripts.
Web Resources: PHP
      Small, but useful collection of php tutorials
      Lots of tutorials in php and other langauges
      Another site that has various tutorials for the beginner.
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