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Welcome to the Tutorials Page.
Here you will find Tutorials on various languages
to help you on your way to becoming a better programmer.

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Cookies - Remember Me - Automatic Login
      You may have seen on some sites they have login forms with a checkbox underneath saying 'Remember Me' and when ticked it does something magic ... when you go back to the page it does remember you ... but how? Easy!

When you tick the little Remember Me box it sets 2 cookies on your computer, one that stores your username and password, when you return to the site it checks the information stored within these cookies, if they are correct it logs you straight in without you having to manually log in yourself.

This tutorial shows you how to do all of this...
Reading And Writing Multiple Cookies
      This tutorial shows you how to set multiple cookies. Setting multiple cookies can come in handy if you wish to store more than one piece of information about a user, such as Username & Password for example.
Cross-Domain Cookies
      Cookies are a great invention, allowing the web developer to maintain the login status of their users. However, problems occur when your site or network has more than one domain.
User Authentication
      Want to restrict access to certain sections of your Web site? Or customize page content on the basis of user preferences? Or even track user movement across your site? Well, the bad news is that you'll need to learn how to authenticate users on your site. The good news is that this tutorial has everything you need to get started.
Session Handling with PHP 4
      Learn how to handle those sessions....
Athenticate and Track Users
Session Authenticate
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