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ID: 67
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Added: Jan 29, 2002
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Written By: Unknown
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One window sometimes just isn't enough. For instance, you might want to create a window as a secondary navigation aid. Pop-up windows are straightforward to make with the method.

This method takes four optional parameters:

Location specifies the URL of the document to show within the new window. If it's left blank, the "about:blank" document (a blank document) is displayed.

Name specifies the name of the new window.

Options is a single string containing a series of comma-delimited parameters that specify how the new window will look.

Replace history item, if set to true, won't add a new history item to the browser's history list as a result of the window opening.

The following example shows how you can both open and close a navigation window from an HTML page.

<SCRIPT language="vbscript"> 

'Dim a local variable to hold a reference to the new window.
Private oNavWin

Function OpenNavWindow()
'Call the open method and assign the resultant window reference to your local variable.
Set oNavWin ="nav.html","navwindow", _
"height=150,width=250, _
status=yes,toolbar=no, _
'Pass a reference to this window to the new window.
Set oNavWin.opener = self
End Function

Function CloseNavWindow()
'Handle an error, just in case the
'window has already been closed!
on error resume next
'Close the window.
'Release the object reference.
Set oNavWin = Nothing
End Function



<H2>Main window</H2>
<input type="button" name="cmdClose" onClick="CloseNavWindow" value="Close navigation window">
<input type="button" name="cmdOpen" onClick="OpenNavWindow" value="Open navigation window">

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