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ID: 65
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Added: Jan 29, 2002
Snippet uploaded by: snippet
Written By: Unknown
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In IE4 and later, this script launches a popup window without the Windows frame or titlebar (that is, a "containerless" window).
In other browsers, it launches a standard popup window.
Position, width, and height are settable. Automatic closing of the window on leaving the page may also be optionally set.

Browsers: IE4 and later, Degrades fully functionally in other browsers.


// Amazing Frameless Popup Window - Version I
// (C) 2000
// Free for all users, but leave in this header

// set the popup window width and height

var windowW=214 // wide
var windowH=398 // high

// set the screen position where the popup should appear

var windowX = 260 // from left
var windowY = 100 // from top

// set the url of the page to show in the popup

var urlPop = "yourpage.html"

// set the title of the page

var title = "This Is A Frameless Popup Window"

// set this to true if the popup should close
// upon leaving the launching page; else, false

var autoclose = true

// ============================
// do not edit below this line
// ============================

s = "width="+windowW+",height="+windowH;
var beIE = document.all?true:false

function openFrameless(){
if (beIE){
NFW ="","popFrameless","fullscreen,"+s)
var frameString=""+
"<frameset rows='*,0' framespacing=0 border=0 frameborder=0>"+
"<frame name='top' src='"+urlPop+"' scrolling=auto>"+
"<frame name='bottom' src='about:blank' scrolling='no'>"+
} else {,"popFrameless","scrollbars,"+s)
if (autoclose){
window.onunload = function(){NFW.close()}



 //Call the openFrameless function from a link, like this:

<a href="javascript:openFrameless()">click here</a>

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