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ID: 64
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Added: Jan 28, 2002
Snippet uploaded by: snippet
Written By: snippet
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a timer to count down a certain time.


$mtime1 = microtime();

$mtime1 = explode(" ",$mtime1);

$mtime1 = $mtime1[1] + $mtime1[0];

$starttime = $mtime1;

$mtime2 = microtime();

$mtime2 = explode(" ",$mtime2);

$mtime2 = $mtime2[1] + $mtime2[0];

$endtime = $mtime2;

$totaltime = ($endtime - $starttime);

$Time = "<font size="1" face="verdana"><center>$totaltime seconds processing time</center></font><br>";



 //Now just Place 

<?echo $Time ?>
//where you want it to be displayed

//Now if you want this to display as an include,
//copy the above code and paste it in your text
//editor and save the file
//as render.php and add this to it at teh bottom.
echo "<font size="1" face="verdana"><center>$totaltime seconds processing time</center></font><br>";

//just include it like this,
//in your footer or whatever.
<?php include('render.php') ?>

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