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Added: Jan 28, 2002
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Let's say, that in the flat files, the data is seperated using three pipes, i.e |||. For this example, the file name would be email.dat, and it will contain a list of e-mails, each seperated by |||:||||||




// Path to the data file

// Get the site of the file

// Open file, read its data into $allemails and close it

// Making an array out of the file data, separating each email with a ||| sign

// Listing the array inside a loop, adding it to the database and echo about it.
while (list($key,$curemail)=each($emailbits);
$sql_insert = mysql_query("INSERT INTO email (emailid,address) VALUES (NULL,'".addslashes($curemail)."')");
$result = mysql_query ($sql_insert);
// reports an error if insert fails.
if (!$result){ echo mysql_error();}

echo "Added email: $curemail";

// All done, let's go home!
echo "All e-mails imported successfully!";


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