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Added: Dec 09, 2001
Snippet uploaded by: snippet
Written By: Ricardo Buccianti
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Tired of the same old square Frame? This short code creates a frame with rounded corners to turn your application unique

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On a form, place two frame objects and name them Frame1 and Frame2 and also a label named Label1. Frame1 should be sized and located
exactly where you want the frame to be in your form and Frame2 could be placed anywhere in your form.

Run the program, the result is real cool!!!

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Private Sub Form_Load()
End Sub

Private Sub SetNewShape()
With Shape1
.BackColor = &H8000000F
.BackStyle = 0
.BorderColor = &H8000000C
.BorderStyle = 1
.BorderWidth = 1
.FillStyle = 1
.Shape = 4
End With
With Shape2
.BackColor = &H8000000F
.BackStyle = 1
.BorderColor = &H80000009 ''white for contrast
.BorderStyle = 1
.BorderWidth = 1
.FillStyle = 1
.Shape = 4
.Height = Shape1.Height
.Left = Shape1.Left + 20 ''move to the left
.Top = Shape1.Top + 20 ''move down
.Width = Shape1.Width
End With
With Label1
.Width = Label1.Width + 110
.Left = Shape1.Left + 350
.Top = Shape1.Top - 110
End With
End Sub;

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