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ID: 480
Viewed: 3173
Added: Sep 03, 2002
Snippet uploaded by: Dr. Web
Written By: Dr. Web
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Limits a user to only selecting two checkboxes

<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="javascript">

function KeepCount() {

var NewCount = 0

if (
{NewCount = NewCount + 1}

if (
{NewCount = NewCount + 1}

if (document.joe.pig.checked)
{NewCount = NewCount + 1}

if (document.joe.ferret.checked)
{NewCount = NewCount + 1}

if (document.joe.hampster.checked)
{NewCount = NewCount + 1}

if (NewCount == 3)
alert('Pick Just Two Please')
document.joe; return false;


 <FORM NAME="joe">
<b>Pick Only Two Please!</b>

<INPUT TYPE="checkbox" NAME="dog"
onClick="return KeepCount()"> Dog

<INPUT TYPE="checkbox" NAME="cat"
onClick="return KeepCount()"> Cat

<INPUT TYPE="checkbox" NAME="pig"
onClick="return KeepCount()"> Pig

<INPUT TYPE="checkbox" NAME="ferret"
onClick="return KeepCount()"> Ferret

<INPUT TYPE="checkbox" NAME="hampster"
onClick="return KeepCount()"> Hampster



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