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ID: 478
Viewed: 3999
Added: Sep 03, 2002
Snippet uploaded by: Dr. Web
Written By: Dr. Web
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displays information about users browser.



<h2><div align="center">Browser Information:</h2></div>
<hr width="75%" size="3" />
<div align="center">The <b>navigator</b> object contains the following information

about the browser you are using:</div>

<table cellspacing="5" cellpadding="5" border="0">
<script language="javascript">
document.write("<tr><td><b>Code Name: </b></td><td>"+navigator.appCodeName +"</td>");
document.write("<tr><td><b>Application Name: </b></td><td>"+navigator.appName+"</td>");
document.write("<tr><td><b>Application Version: </b></td><td>"+navigator.appVersion+"</td>");
document.write("<tr><td><b>User Agent: </b></td><td>"+navigator.userAgent+"</td>");
document.write("<tr><td><b>Language: </b></td><td>"+navigator.systemLanguage+"</td>");
document.write("<tr><td><b>Platform: </b></td><td>"+navigator.platform+"</td>");
document.write("<tr><td><b>CPU Class: </b></td><td>"+navigator.cpuClass+"</td>");
document.write("<tr><td><b>Cookie Enabled: </b></td><td>"+navigator.cookieEnabled+"</td>");
document.write("<tr><td><b>Java Enabled: </b></td><td>"+navigator.javaEnabled()+"</td>");
document.write("<tr><td><b>OnLine: </b></td><td>"+navigator.onLine+"</td>");
document.write("<tr><td><b>Data Tainting Enabled: </b></td><td>"+navigator.taintEnabled()+"</td>");
document.write("<tr><td><b>Mime Types: </b></td><td>"+navigator.mimeTypes.length+"</td>");
document.write("<tr><td><b>OPS Profile: </b></td><td>"+navigator.opsprofile+"</td>");
document.write("<tr><td><b>User Profile: </b></td><td>"+navigator.userprofile+"</td>");
document.write("<tr><td><b>Plugins: </b></td><td>"+navigator.plugins.length+"</td>");
//Loop and display all plugins
var pluglength=navigator.plugins.length
for(i=0; i<pluglength; i++){
document.write("<tr><td><b>Plugin: </b></td><td>"+navigator.plugins[i].name +"</td></tr>");
//End loop


<hr width="75%" size="3" />

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