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ID: 421
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Added: Aug 19, 2002
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Written By: Unknown
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I've done 3 apps that needed formatted printing, lists in rows or columns with Name, Date, Lines, boxes etc. I could never get "Print Form" to give me the detail I needed. If you write a sub putting the info you need into variables and then print the variables at the (X,Y) coordinates you want the info displayed it works very well, is quick and with a bit of trial and error will look just the way you want. Any info needed that is in a data base, list box can usually be printed with a loop to change the position.

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Dim f As Integer ' counter for anystring() 
Dim k As Integer 'counter for column's
Dim Col(0 To 3), NR '4 column's and next row

Printer.CurrentX = HorizontalMargin / 1.5
Col(0) = 10
Col(1) = 58
Col(2) = 106 'column width of 48 mm (adjust to suit the job)
Col(3) = 154
NR = 53

For f = LBound(anystring) To UBound(anystring) '### anystring can be numbers, text, list box contents
Printer.CurrentX = HorizontalMargin + (Col(k)) 'EG: 10 mm this time 58 mm next time etc.
Printer.CurrentY = VerticalMargin + (NR) 'EG: 53 mm first time 60 mm next then 67 mm ect.
Printer.Print anystring(f)
k = k + 1 'Next column on the next loop
If k = 4 Then NR = NR + 7: k = 0 'If you have 4 anystrings in this row, start a new row
If NR > 270 Then Printer.NewPage: NR = 20 'Enough on this page
Next f 'Loop;

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