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ID: 357
Viewed: 2483
Added: Aug 19, 2002
Snippet uploaded by: snippet
Written By: Unknown
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Task: Check the web for updates of your program!

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'  You will need to:
'* put a file with the current version number on your site, and change it
' when you upload a new version of your program

'* create an Internet Transfer Control (msinet.ocx) on your form, make sure
' it is called Inet1

'* define a string called ProgVerNum$ with the program version number in it
' and update it when you are finished making changes to your program and
' you are ready to compile it

'* define a string called UdDlURL$ with the URL of your program's download
' page

'* define a string called ChkVerNumURL$ with the URL of the file containing
' the version number of your program

'* put an option in one of your menus or a button on your form and name it
' ChkWebUpdt, then paste the following code into the ChkWebUpdt_Click sub:

a$ = inet1.openURL(ChkVerNumURL$, icString)
If a$ = "" Then
MsgBox "The server is down, please try again later.", vbOKOnly, "Program Update"
Exit Sub
End If
If Not a$ = ProgVerNum$ Then
y$ = "There is a newer version of this program available. Would you like"
z$ = "to download it?"
b$ = MsgBox(y$ + " " + z$, vbYesNo, "Program Update")
End If
If b$ = 7 Then
Exit Sub
End If
If b$ = 6 Then
Shell ("C:Program FilesInternet ExplorerIExplore -nohome" + UdDlURL$), _
End If;

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