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ID: 355
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Added: Aug 19, 2002
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Written By: Unknown
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Task: Determine if a computer is connected to the Internet

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Public Declare Function RasEnumConnections Lib "RasApi32.dll" Alias "RasEnumConnectionsA" (lpRasCon As Any, lpcb As Long, lpcConnections As Long) As Long
Public Declare Function RasGetConnectStatus Lib "RasApi32.dll" Alias "RasGetConnectStatusA" (ByVal hRasCon As Long, lpStatus As Any) As Long
Public Const RAS95_MaxEntryName = 256
Public Const RAS95_MaxDeviceType = 16
Public Const RAS95_MaxDeviceName = 32
Public Type RASCONN95
dwSize As Long
hRasCon As Long
szEntryName(RAS95_MaxEntryName) As Byte
szDeviceType(RAS95_MaxDeviceType) As Byte
szDeviceName(RAS95_MaxDeviceName) As Byte
End Type
dwSize As Long
RasConnState As Long
dwError As Long
szDeviceType(RAS95_MaxDeviceType) As Byte
szDeviceName(RAS95_MaxDeviceName) As Byte
End Type

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'A call to the function IsConnected returns true if the computer has established a connection to the internet.

Public Function IsConnected() As Boolean
Dim TRasCon(255) As RASCONN95
Dim lg As Long
Dim lpcon As Long
Dim RetVal As Long
TRasCon(0).dwSize = 412
lg = 256 * TRasCon(0).dwSize
RetVal = RasEnumConnections(TRasCon(0), lg, lpcon)
If RetVal <> 0 Then
MsgBox "Sorry, you are not connected to the internet"
Exit Function
End If
Tstatus.dwSize = 160
RetVal = RasGetConnectStatus(TRasCon(0).hRasCon, Tstatus)
If Tstatus.RasConnState = &H2000 Then
IsConnected = True
IsConnected = False
End If

End Function;

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