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Added: Jul 26, 2002
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Written By: unknown
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Add a picture box and what ever you want in the box. then add vert. and horz. scrollbars and a button just wide enough for the scroll bars. then insert this code to make it scroll the length of the box.

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Option Explicit

' size of scrollbars in twips
Const SB_WIDTH = 300 ' width of vertical scrollbars
Const SB_HEIGHT = 300 ' height of horizontal scrollbars

' code for handling form resizing and scrolling

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Private Sub Form_Resize()
' resize the scrollbars along the form
HScroll1.Move 0, ScaleHeight - SB_HEIGHT, ScaleWidth - SB_WIDTH
VScroll1.Move ScaleWidth - SB_WIDTH, 0, SB_WIDTH, ScaleHeight - SB_HEIGHT
cmdFiller.Move ScaleWidth - SB_WIDTH, ScaleHeight - SB_HEIGHT, SB_WIDTH, SB_HEIGHT
' put these controls on top
picCanvas.BorderStyle = 0
' a click on the arrow moves one pixel
HScroll1.SmallChange = ScaleX(10, vbPixels, vbTwips)
VScroll1.SmallChange = ScaleY(10, vbPixels, vbTwips)
'a click on the scrollbar move 16 pixels
HScroll1.LargeChange = HScroll1.SmallChange * 32
VScroll1.LargeChange = VScroll1.SmallChange * 32

' if the form is larger than the picCanvas picture box
' we don't need to show the scrollbar

If ScaleWidth < picCanvas.Width + SB_WIDTH Then
HScroll1.Visible = True
HScroll1.Max = picCanvas.Width + SB_WIDTH - ScaleWidth
HScroll1.Value = 0
HScroll1.Visible = False
End If
If ScaleHeight < picCanvas.Height + SB_HEIGHT Then
VScroll1.Visible = True
VScroll1.Max = picCanvas.Height + SB_HEIGHT - ScaleHeight
VScroll1.Value = 0
VScroll1.Visible = False
End If
cmdFiller.Visible = (HScroll1.Visible Or VScroll1.Visible)

End Sub

Private Sub HScroll1_Change()
End Sub

Private Sub HScroll1_Scroll()
End Sub

Private Sub VScroll1_Change()
End Sub

Private Sub VScroll1_Scroll()
End Sub

Sub MoveCanvas()
picCanvas.Move -HScroll1.Value, -VScroll1.Value
End Sub

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