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Added: Apr 29, 2002
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Written By: unknown
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Fast replace one color in a bitmap with another

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' From a newsgroup posting by Russell Davis

Public Sub ReplaceBMColors(ByVal hbmPic As Long, Optional ByVal clrFrom As Long, Optional ByVal clrTo As Long)

Const g0 = 0&
Dim hdcPic As Long
Dim hdcMask As Long
Dim hdcClr As Long
Dim hbmClr As Long
Dim hbmClrPrv As Long
Dim hbmMask As Long
Dim hbmMaskPrv As Long
Dim hbmPicPrv As Long
Dim BitmapPic As Bitmap
Dim hicCompat As Long

Call OleTranslateColor(clrTo, g0, clrTo)
GetObjectAPI hbmPic, Len(BitmapPic), BitmapPic
hicCompat = CreateDisplayIC

hdcPic = CreateCompatibleDC(g0)
hdcMask = CreateCompatibleDC(g0)
hdcClr = CreateCompatibleDC(g0)
With BitmapPic
hbmClr = CreateCompatibleBitmap(hicCompat, .bmWidth, .bmHeight)
hbmMask = CreateCompatibleBitmap(hdcMask, .bmWidth, .bmHeight)

hbmMaskPrv = SelectObject(hdcMask, hbmMask)
hbmClrPrv = SelectObject(hdcClr, hbmClr)
hbmPicPrv = SelectObject(hdcPic, hbmPic)

SetBkColor hdcPic, clrFrom

BitBlt hdcMask, g0, g0, .bmWidth, .bmHeight, hdcPic, g0, g0, vbSrcCopy

'Mask: clrFrom is white, all else is black
'Set the colors for conversion when Blting from Monochrome Mask to Color
'These colors make the Mask be the same in color as it was in monochrome
'(white converts to white, black converts to black)
SetBkColor hdcPic, vbWhite
SetTextColor hdcPic, vbBlack
BitBlt hdcPic, g0, g0, .bmWidth, .bmHeight, hdcMask, g0, g0, vbSrcPaint
'Pic: clrFrom is white, all else is normal
BitBlt hdcMask, g0, g0, .bmWidth, .bmHeight, hdcMask, g0, g0, vbDstInvert
'Mask: clrFrom is now black, all else is white
SetBkColor hdcClr, vbWhite
SetTextColor hdcClr, clrTo
BitBlt hdcClr, g0, g0, .bmWidth, .bmHeight, hdcMask, g0, g0, vbSrcCopy
'Clr: clrFrom from hdcPic are clrTo; all else is white
BitBlt hdcPic, g0, g0, .bmWidth, .bmHeight, hdcClr, g0, g0, vbSrcAnd
'Pic: clrFrom is now clrTo, all else is normal
End With

SelectObject hdcPic, hbmPicPrv
DeleteObject SelectObject(hdcMask, hbmMaskPrv)
DeleteObject SelectObject(hdcClr, hbmClrPrv)
DeleteDC hdcPic: DeleteDC hdcMask: DeleteDC hdcClr
DeleteDC hicCompat

End Sub

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