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Added: Apr 28, 2002
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Windows API Guide: ExitWindowsEx Function Platforms: Win 95/98, Win NT ExitWindowsEx shuts down or reboots the user's computer. Of course, since the shutdown/reboot process will begin once the function is called, there won't normally be much left for your program to do. The function returns 0 if an error occured, or 1 if successful. uFlagsOne or more of the following flags specifying how to shut down or reboot the computer: EWX_FORCE = 4Force any applications to quit instead of prompting the user to close them. EWX_LOGOFF = 0Log off the network. EWX_POWEROFF = 8Shut down the system and, if possible, turn the computer off. EWX_REBOOT = 2Perform a full reboot of the system. EWX_SHUTDOWN = 1Shut down the system. dwReservedReserved for future versions of Windows. Always set to 0.

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' Reboot the computer, forcing any open programs to close
Dim retval As Long ' return value
retval = ExitWindowsEx(EWX_REBOOT Or EWX_FORCE, 0)
If retval = 0 Then Debug.Print "Reboot attempt failed.";

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