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ID: 125
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Added: Apr 27, 2002
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This little script will get the number form a mysql table and make that number a graphic through the use of the GD Library (must have this enabled in the php.ini file). Just put this code in a file whatever.php and then in the main file just include the whatever.php file whereever you want the graphic counter to appear. This will work with jpg or png. if you want jpg make sure you change all png to JPEG



// outline of table.
CREATE TABLE counter (
count INT(11) NOT NULL,

header("content-Type: image/png");
// the number of digits to display in the graphic.
// connection to your database
mysql_connect ("localhost","username","password");
mysql_select_db ("db_name");

// gets the number from the database.
$select = mysql_query("select count from counter");
while ($row = mysql_fetch_array($select){
$number = $row["count"];

$img = ImageCreate(9 * $NB_DIGITS + 1, 17);
//the color of the background.
$bg_color = ImageColorAllocate($img, 255 ,255, 255); // Ex: black
// the color of the numbers.
$text_color = ImageColorAllocate($img, 0, 0, 0); // Ex: white

// makes the graphic

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