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ID: 120
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Added: Apr 17, 2002
Snippet uploaded by: snippet
Written By: smog
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Another way to set a cookie in php. it also includes a date function for a time frame of a year.



// By José Afonso Santos aka smog

// Delete a cookie.

// Getting the current date
$hour = date("H:i:s");
$year = date("y");
$year++; // Adding one year to the current year
$day = date("d-M-") . $year
$day_off_the_week = date("l");

// Setting the validation of the cookie up to one year.
$validation = $day_off_the_week . ", " . $day . " " .
$hour . " GMT";

// Set a cookie's value.
header("Set-Cookie: name=the-name-you-want;
expires=$validation; path=/");

// Create a cookie that only scripts in the
// private directory can read.
header("Set-Cookie: country=the-country;
expires=$validation; path=/private/");

// After the cookies are set, you can access them
// using normal PHP variables.
echo "<center>Hello <b>$name</b> !</center>";

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