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ID: 104
Viewed: 4236
Added: Jun 10, 2004
Version: php4.1+
Snippet uploaded by: snippet
Written By: snippet
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This script show you how to setup a session and read that session variable. if no session variable is found then it is passed to a form so they can start a session.

works on php version 4.1+

//must go at the beginning of the page.


//if you want to check for the variable that is
//suppose to be in the session, one way is this.
//lets say $_POST['username'] is from the form.
if (isset($_POST['username'])){
//if it is set, you want to verify that it is the user
//I would run check on the Database to be sure.

//after you have checked it with the database and
// all is ok, then you need to register the variables
// you got from the database
$_SESSION['userid'] = $variableFromDB
$_SESSION['username'] = $variableFromDB

//goto form so they can login and to creat a session.


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